Board Game Review, Rules and How to Enjoy the Dilemma ”Archaeology The CardGame ” When Playing This I Want to Watch ”Ghost in the Shell”

Board Game Review, Rules and How to Enjoy the  Dilemma ”Archaeology The CardGame Board Game Review, Rules and How to Enjoy the  Dilemma ”Archaeology The CardGame

An interesting and popular card game. Archaeological theme. 2-5 people.

The anime "" ghost in the Shell "SAC_2045" is now available on Netflix. Kenji Kamiyama of the SAC series is also one of the directors.

Why did I talk about that?

"Archaeology" is a game that makes us want to see "Ghost in the Shell" when we play it.


The person who earns the most victory points wins.

The way to earn VP is to collect these treasure cards and play them as a set of multiple cards. (You can play even one, but it will be a very low VP)


On your turn

Draw one card.

If it's a treasure card, just put it in your hand.
(You may draw a sandstorm card or a thief card, which will be described later.)

Cards are also lined up in a common place.

After that, you can put as many cards as you like from your hand and pick up cards of the same value.


For example, place one "value 4 card" and pick up four "value 1 cards" or

place "Value 3 Card" and "Value 1 Card" and pick up 2 "Value 2 Cards".

Play the set of cards in your hand and put them in front of you.
Cards you play will not be stolen or lost in a sandstorm.


If you want to collect a little more, you have to endure.


Each player repeats this.

The game ends when the deck runs out and cards are no longer exchanged.

Count the total points of the cards played in front of each player.

It's a simple rule.

Treasure cards have different scoring efficiencies.


In the case of 3-player play, scoring efficiency 3 is a realistic maximum.

The scoring efficiency is the exchange rate of the value required to get the cards and the actual VP of the cards you got.

For example

This card has a value of 1.

The value required to collect 5 of these cards is 5.


If you collect 5 cards, you will get 15 points.
(As you can see, up to 4 cards have a disappointing exchange rate)

The required value is 5, and the score is 15 points, so the scoring efficiency is 3.

The value of this card is 2.

The value required to collect two of these cards is 4.


If you collect 2 of these, you will get 12 points.

This is a popular card because you only need two cards to reach scoring efficiency 3.

Based on that, the characteristics of each card are like this.

Board Game Review, Rules and How to Enjoy the  Dilemma ”Archaeology The CardGame

In addition to the treasure cards, there are map cards.


Before starting the game, arrange the cards around these pyramid tiles to make three card piles.


If you discard one map card, you will get a pile of two cards.

If you discard 2 map cards, you will get a pile of 5 cards.

If you discard 3 map cards, you will get a pile of 8 cards.

Every mountain is first come, first served.


There are various types of archaeological tiles with different numbers of cards and rules, so you can play this game with a different mood each time.


When someone draws a sandstorm card

Everyone has to discard half of their hand in a common place.


People who had a lot of cards are miserable.

Those who have two cards will lose one.

If you have 3 cards, you lose 1 card to truncate after the decimal point

Even though I'm scared of the coming sandstorm, I'll have another lap!

This kind of tension is similar to Catan when you have eight or more cards in your hand.

When you draw a thief card on your turn

You can draw one card from another player.


Players who have only low-value cards don't hurt so much even if they are drawn.

But if you are wary of sandstorms and have a small hand, you are at increased risk of being robbed of high-value cards.

If you are wary of either, you will be vulnerable to either.

It's safest to have nothing, but if you don't collect some cards, your scoring efficiency won't increase.

It's a typical, annoying trade-off dilemma.

Final thoughts

When it comes to games where scoring efficiency is important, I can think of "Rondo" and "Tausch Rausch".

These are games with a sober impression you can play them calmly.
(I like them)


・A game system in which players repeat equivalent exchanges with a common place.

・It's frustrating that you can only increase your hand one by one.

“Archelology The CardGame” adds a bit of flashiness with sandstorm bursts and map card jackpots.


It's fun like a lottery. I'm excited when map cards are gathered.

This is a light game taking about 15-20 minutes per game.
While enjoying the dilemma of scoring efficiency and the risk of lost hands, it is good to play several games in a row.

By the way, at my home

"That character looks strong in this game, doesn't it?"

We are excited with such a thought.

It's the character of "ghost in the Shell", *Kuze Hideo.


*In "SAC2nd GIG", Kuze is a charismatic terrorist who has set up a computer program to collect interest after the decimal point of a Japanese bank account in one place and prepared a fund of 100 million dollars for a coup d'etat.

Among the three exchange efficiency games listed above,
"Archelology The CardGame" is a game that bothers players with calculations after the decimal point.

The work of paying attention to the details after the decimal point makes me feel becoming Kuze.

Well, maybe we are the only one thinking about such a silly thing lol


It's just a fine work in terms of the game it self,

but for us it's a fine work + α

that we can enjoy a strange empathy.

About "Ghost in the Shell" SAC_2045"

Both of us like "Ghost in the Shell".

We've been to the last anime movie twice in theaters. I couldn't understand it at once lol

I watched the live-action version of Scarlett Johansson on Amazon because I was too busy to go to the theater.

I didn't expect the live-action film to be good, so I wasn't motivated to go to the theater, but when I saw it,"This scene is just like the anime! It's amazing!" I also enjoyed the story.

And now a new series. I'm glad!

Let's watch that on Netflix!!

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