“Attack on Titan: The Last Stand” Japanese Manga Board Game Review, Rules and Strategies

a titan player vs human players
This is a many-on-one battle game.

Actually, it's not a Japanese game, but a game by a French designer Antoine Bauza.

Attack on Titan


The biggest feature of this game is the three-dimensional Titan's figure.

Attack on Titan

There are scaffolding on the body of titan and another fort, and the human side moves on them.

Human side wins by reducing Titan's life and achieving a tactics card that kills Titan. Titan blocks it.

Titan side

  • Make the life of a human player to 0.
  • Destroy all 6 cannons in the fort.
  • Eat all 12 civilian tokens.

Titan wins by achieving one of the three.

The Titan side has normal attacks and special attacks.

  • Normal attacks

Using the Titan dice shaken by the human side,

Titan munches on civilians, or

Titan restores life.

Attack on Titan
  • Special attacks

Titan chooses one action card on the front and the other on the back.

The human side must roll a specific die to avoid attacks.

The attack can reduce the life of human characters, shake them off the scaffolding, and destroy cannons. You can also eat civilians.

The purpose of the human side

  • Reduce the life of Titan!
Attack on Titan

Slash on Titan's body!
Shoot a cannon from the fort!

  • Achieve a tactics card to weaken Titan & kill Titan!
Attack on Titan

When this card is achieved, Titan's eyes can be closed. Titan must open both special cards.

Final thoughts

After all, professional board game designers are amazing! I really thought it.

These are what I was most impressed.

If an ordinary person like me tries to make a game with the following conditions...

  • Using Titan's 3D board
  • Titan player vs. multiple human players, battle rules, some cooperation rules
  • Action of face down card on Titan side

I think it will be made with a game system like Whac-A-Mole.
In other words, a game of bluffing in a moving position.

Attack on Titan

I would make such a junk game. It's boring!

Designer Antoine Bauza didn't make it with such a dumb system.

There are two types of rolls that avoid the special attack on the Titan side.

Attacks that can be avoided by this roll

Attack on Titan

Attacks that can be avoided by this roll

Attack on Titan

There is the biggest bluff factor in predicting which roll is effective for the action card played face down.

Attack on Titan

Achieve tactics cards, move, reduce Titan's life,
You must assign dice to attacks as well as evasions.

Human side want dice that damages Titan and prepares for both of the two types of special attacks, but such perfect dice are rarely come out.

If you get too greedy, Titan dice will come out and it will be advantageous to Titan side. Such a dilemma is fun!

There are two types of avoidance rolls, which creates various situations.

① Perfect! I can respond to either attack! The attack is also perfect! Shutout Titan!

Attack on Titan

② For the time being, this character has a short life, so I will postpone the attack and fully defend it!

Attack on Titan

③ Ooops… it's bad. I could only cover one … I can't attack Titan so much …

Attack on Titan

④ No guard anymore! There are few dice, I have no choice but to put it in the attack!

Attack on Titan

⑤ Hey … I can't believe it … I can't defend or attack anything … It's a big crisis.

These are just examples.
These dice rolls come out in a good balance.

Attack? Avoidance A? Avoidance B?
What should I prioritize?

The selection is interesting.

A perfect dice that comes out occasionally and a critical hit by the worst roll are good spices.

The idea of ​​two types of special attacks with different evasion methods creates such fun situations.

I thought that a professional is amazing after all.

It's good game.

3D board? "Attack on Titan"?
It looks kind of a delicay, but it's a pretty decent game.

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