Board Game Review “Biblios” Welcome to the Feast of Bidding and Majority

Board Game Review Board Game Review

The theme of this board game is a manuscript copy of the Bible dating from the Middle Ages.

The component is like this.



I will try to express what we are doing in this game with a manga.
It's actually a card game, so it's different.
See other people's blogs for the exact rules.

I feel like this in my brain.

This is brain review.

Put 1 to 4 balls of your own color in 5 boxes in order.


You can also get money instead of putting balls.


There is also an option to increase or decrease the score of the box.


The active player can keep secret where he put the ball or received the money.


The active player has one more thing to do.
That is to put the right to put balls and money later into the secret BOX.


When the phase where everyone puts in balls is over, the bidding phase begins.
We need money here.

Auction off the contents of the secret box that each has prepared earlier.


We will bid this off.


Once money is auctioned off, don't use money to bid off.
Instead, take out the balls you have put in and bid off by its number.


In the end, the person who put the most balls in each box gets the score of that box.


something like that.

Play example

Homie Played with Thai Taro, Maro, and Spe.


From the beginning, Thai Taro put a ball in red.
He was clearly aiming for red.
Everyone seemed to give red to Thai Taro.


On the other hand, Homie, who got a chance to put a ball in red,
"I might get a red box..."
secretly put a ball in red.
Homie put ball into yellow box on the surface.


Thai taro did not doubt that he could get red.
He also increased red dice score.

In the meantime, Homie secretly put balls into red.


Thai Taro noticed something unusual when he saw Homie putting balls in red.


As a result, Homie took the red majority. The yellow was also taken by Homie.


But the winner is Spe who succeeded in taking blue and green.
I have been lowered the yellow score.
It was an ideal situation, but I couldn't touch the dice score.


Final thoughts

There is a limit to the number of balls that can be put in the box.
If you try to take more than half to make sure you get one die, you won't get two dice. Because there are not enough cards.

It is required to have a bare-bones attack that does not cling to more than half to get more than 2 dice.

The balance around that is excellent.


The process of fighting for majority is fun.

There are parts that can be seen and parts that cannot be seen, and balls are taken out of the box at auction time.

It's a good game with short play time and easy to play.

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