Manga Board Game Rules and Review “Bison(Buffalo Chess)” Alex Randolph’s Two-player Abstract

Manga Board Game Rules and Review Manga Board Game Rules and Review

By Alex Randolph. For 2 people only. About 10 to 15 minutes per game.

I played on the day it arrived and didn't find it interesting. It was on the shelf for a year.

After a long time playing,
"It's fun to play like this"
We discovered how to enjoy it.




Asymmetric two-player game.




The victory conditions are different between the Bison side and the Native American side. The number and movement of wooden pieces are completely different.





Bison moves like a pawn in chess. It just takes a step forward.

If any one of them crosses the river on the Native American side, you win.




On the Native American side, operating

One chief who moves as a king and

4 dogs that move as a queen

you win if you can stop the bison.


The dogs just block the bison's path.

Native Americans can remove bison.




Final thoughts


At our level, the Native American side is overwhelmingly advantageous.

If you play halfway with Bison, an unexpectedly fast chief will come and ruthlessly reap Bison.





Last time, I thought, "It's a lot unbalanced," so I put it on the shelf without thinking deeply.


This time We played several games in a row.


Then, somehow, we could find the winning line on the Bison side.







Gradually, the person who came up with some strategy, how to win on the Bison side, came to challenge.






It was more like trying out the most difficult action games on the NES alternately, rather than fighting.





Of course, the Native American side will do its best.


When the bison wins, we get a little excited. "Wow, this is how the bison side wins."


And somehow the countermeasures are taken and the difficulty level rises a little, and we repeat trying to find a strategy …


For us, this is a mysterious taste game, like one playing as the main character and the other playing as the role of an enemy.




I think the package is somewhat like NES software.

Just me?

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