You Can Play It on BGA “Dragonheart” Two-player Board Game Rules, Review and Strategy

You Can Play It on BGA You Can Play It on BGA

A two-player card game.
Each player plays a card in each deck of the same card composition.


The players take the cards played on the board. The winner is the one who gets more points of the cards.


Play cards alternately on such a board.


You can get cards with these rules.


Cards of the same type can be played together at once.

The game ends when the ship departs three times or either deck runs out.

You can take ownership of the dragon figure by taking even one dragon card on the upper right. The player with the dragon figure has a maximum of 6 cards in their hand. (Normally 5 cards)


I can't remember many things, so I play this game with the card composition information aside.


Final thoughts

This is a game that seems to be deep when trying to dig into it.
We play this casually.

When I play "Dragonheart" intuitively, things below often happens.

Once cards is taken out by an opponent, other cards are taken in succession.
However, there is also a change of offense and defense between one game.

This momentum shift is good and interesting.


I feel something like "momentum" in this game.

This is an important point when taking a dragon figure that increases the number of cards in your hand.
It is a big advantage if you can keep mounting so that your opponent can not take the dragon figure.


The joy of taking what has accumulated is great.

When I play this game, actually I don't feel the theme or story, so it's not a super-ideal game for us.
However, it's a well-balanced game, so it's fun to spend time.
Sometimes I take it off the shelf and play it.

You can play it for free at the board game arena.

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