“Dungeon Quest Revised Edition” Board Game Review and Strategies to enjoy it

Dungeon Quest


Every round you draw a tile and go deeper into the automatically generated dungeon.

You aim to steal the treasure from the Treasure Chamber, where the dragon is, and return safely.
This work is called a masochist game with a survival rate of 10%, but it is one of my favorites.

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest

The difficulty of survival is said in many places, and it is not uncommon to enter a dungeon and leave immediately due to a ruthless trap.

The difficulty of survival is as told in many places, and it is not uncommon to die immediately in a ruthless trap at the first step in a dungeon.
Your health is reduced by monsters and you die,
A spear trap keeps coming out of the door and you die,
You fall into a deeper underground labyrinth and continue to be beaten by enemies, you die,
You cannot return to the entrance by sunset and are eaten by the dragon and you die.
A survival rate of 10% is not a lie.

Therefore, this game is a difficult game to play as a serious game.

In one game, it's really boring if one dies soon.
Even if the survivors earn small change near the entrance and survive and win, it is not interesting at all.
It's not fun, even when you've earned thousands of gold. of course.

If you decide the number of games and play, such as "This time, we will play three times!", There is unevenness of fun.
It's interesting when there are some exciting adventures, but the three games can end quickly.
If you increase the number of games to 4 or 5 times more than the number you initially decided, even if it is finished easily, the low-risk strategy of collecting coins around the entrance becomes meaningless.
After all, it becomes a luck game whether you can rush into the deepest dungeon and come back or not.

That's why we play with the "90 or 120 minute time limit rule".

If you start the game at 21:00, the final game is the one you are playing at 22:30. Win or lose is decided by the total of gold when the final game is over.

With this rule, you can play about 2-4 games.
Even if one game ends quickly, you can play the next game and the next game within the time limit, so you will have an exciting adventure at least once. Satisfaction is high because it never ends without excitement.

Since there are multiple games, there will be strategies such as "I will not be in time to go to the Treasure Chamber from now on. Let's pick up even small coins in this game."

No matter how much I lose, there is a possibility of a reversal in the last game, so I am excited and enjoying it for 90 minutes.

Favorite points

There are two points I love in "Dungeon Quest".

Rotating Room

Dungeon Quest

This is a room that rotates 180 degrees when a character enters.

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest

In this way, you go deeper into the dungeon.

You think it's no different from a normal corridor, right?

Tthe situation where the true value of this tile is demonstrated is below.

If there is another player trying to return via the same route...

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest

I like this feeling of despair. I also like that the gimmick is dungeon-like.

The race of survivors is hot when they realize the fate of the future for a few turns.

We somehow try to reach that room faster,

using such….

One rune that you can act on twice,
A treasure that you can act three times,
Or to move one or more by using the corridor.

In the dungeon, there is actually almost no interaction between characters, so I like this tile that created various dramas.

Catacomb system

Dungeon Quest

DungeonQuest has a Catacomb system.

When you fail to cross a single bridge,
when you are trapped underground,
when you find a staircase leading to the underground and choose to go down,

replace your adventurer figure with a token and enter the Catacombs.

While in Catacombs, draw one Catacomb card at a time instead of a normal move when your turn comes until you draw a card to escape.

Then, advance the tokens on the board by the number of cards drawn before escaping, then roll the dice to move sideways and return to the dungeon.

Dungeon Quest

The Catacomb card is terrible. Health is steadily decreasing, and if you are unlucky, you will not be able to draw the exit card at all.
However, there is a very low probability (1/40) to find treasures that are better than the treasures in the Treasure Chamber.

It is an option when the road to the Treasure Chamber or exit is closed.

However, this Catacomb system literally adds depth to the game.
There's no separate board, it's just made up of cards and dice, but I really feel like there's space under the game board.

Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest

I think it's interesting because it makes us imagine an infinite underground space behind the usual dining table.

Dungeon Quest

It's true that this is a game where luck is important, but the fun changes a lot depending on whether or not you are aware of the "deck composition of the search card".

Instead of moving, players can search the room they are in only once.
(A room that has been searched once cannot be searched again)
At that time, the search card is drawn.

In that deck, there are 10 gold or 70 gold coins, monster Attacks, traps, etc., but 8 out of 30 are the cards "the secret door" which let you move the next room, ignoring the shape of the tile.
The probability of drawing "the secret door" is 26.6%. It's a pretty number.

With this card, you may be able to avoid the time-up by dead-end and detour.

Whether it's better to take a detour or draw a search card, if you're aware of the composition of the deck of search cards, you have that option.

Final thoughts

Since both my husband and I knew the composition of the search card and introduced the "time limit rule", Dungeon Quest has been played regularly. It's interesting not only as a fantasy atmosphere, but also as a serious game.

Dungeon Quest
Dragon is not component.

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