Review and Rules of Cooperative Board Game “Forbidden Island” Not Just Easy-to-Play Pandemic But the System Using Land Tiles and Features by It

Review and Rules of Cooperative Board Game Review and Rules of Cooperative Board Game

A cooperative game in which the box is made of cans.
If you can collect secret treasures and escape on the sinking island, all the players will win.


In your turn, you can

return the sinking tile

Forbidden Island

move on the tile

Forbidden Island

give a card to friends on the same tile

Forbidden Island

discard 4 cards of the same color on the treasure tile to get the treasure.

Forbidden Island

Take 3 actions from those.

You can draw two cards at the end of your turn.
Finally, draw the land cards to sink the land tiles.

The island sinks more and more every turn, so if you collect four treasures and escape from the heliport before it sinks, you win.

The rules are simpler than "pandemic", "Cthulhu pandemic" and "flash point"
Adults also love the movie-like story of escaping from the sinking island together.
It is a board game that is ideal for introducing cooperative games to beginners.
The atmosphere of the components is simple and fashionable.
For those who are new to board games, pawns are more catchy than character figures.

It's a system similar to a pandemic, but of course there are differences.

・ The tiles are removed and the range of movement becomes narrower.

Forbidden Island

・ Sometimes the board is divided.

Forbidden Island

・ Character that matches the board using tiles

Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island

Final thoughts

One game is fast because it finishes in less than 30 minutes.
It is also suitable for beginners to be able to play it many times in a short time.

I play when there are people who are new to cooperative games, or when I want to play something that feels a little more story than "The Game" or "HANABI".

At the end, I feel like I'm taking an aerial shot.

Forbidden Island
Forbidden Island

What kind of BGM do you play with this ?

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