Recommended for Large Group Play ! Board Game Review “Why I Think Incan Gold(Diamant) Is a Stock Game”

Recommended for Large Group Play ! Board Game Review Recommended for Large Group Play ! Board Game Review

Recommended for Large Group Play ! Board Game Review This is a remake of "Diamond". A game where you enter a cave and get jewels.


There are 5 rounds.
During the round, flip the cards one by one. Basically, the cards are jewels and disaster cards.

When the jewels come out, divide them by the number of people you have. Leave the rest.

Incan Gold

If a disaster card comes out, the first one is fine. If a second disaster of the same type comes out, the remaining players lose all the gems they got in this round.

Incan Gold

Players who choose to return will get previously abandoned gems before flipping new cards.

Then they keep the gems they got in this round in the main camp. The gems they put in here will not be lost.

Incan Gold

If you can be alone, you will have the treasure all to yourself!

Incan Gold

This game has big dreams.

Final thoughts

Stock game? Isn't it a luck game?

There is such a saying in Japan.

"There is a road behind people, in the mountain of flowers."

The meaning of this word is
"In order to make a profit on the stock market, we have to act in the opposite direction to others."

This game embodies the benefits and difficulties of doing the opposite of people on the stock market.

Basically, this game is best done by doing the opposite of people.

If you go home when everyone is left, you can monopolize the surplus jewels.

Incan Gold

If only you remain there while everyone else returns, you can monopolize the subsequent gems.

Incan Gold

But when everyone gets used to it, they think the same thing. At that time, the people who dare to return when they should remain and the people who remain after all are separated.

Incan Gold

It is difficult to be alone.

But sometimes! The thoughts of players other than yourself are neatly unified, and you can become the only minority!

Incan Gold

Luck, timing and decision make it

By returning, you can monopolize a large amount of surplus, or you can go through the cave alone and monopolize the jewels. Massive scoring chance! Hooray!

Well, there are few opportunities to stand in such a batter's box, but it is the same in the world of the stock market. There aren't many situations in which only you can go the other way depending on your choice. That's why people who did the opposite in such a situation made huge profits and were told like a legend.

While everyone is thinking about the same thing, there are few chances to be alone. You can experience that. Don't you think Incan Gold is a real stock game?

Well, the rules are simple, it's exciting, you can play up to 8 people, and it's an excellent party game. The components are also good for the price.

By the way, the game quality changes depending on whether you play with 3 to 5 people or 7 to 8 people.
If you play with a large number of people, you will see many cards that cannot be divided.
For example, if you play with 8 players and get 7 or less jewel cards, everything will be left on the card.

Incan Gold

What happens then?
When playing 7 to 8 players, some players will return even though no disaster has occurred.
This is a big difference from small-player play, and the level of strategy goes up by one.
So if you've only played 3-5 people, I'd like you to try once with a large number of people.

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