Board Game Review and Rules “Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road” The Patriarch Is in the Way…

Board Game Review and Rules Board Game Review and Rules

The rules of the card line of "Andor for 2 people" are interesting. I bought this because it is the same game designer and it is a competitive game using the same system.

This was released first. I knew it after I bought this.


There are 3 rows of cards, and using the front card and moving it to the end is the same as "Andor for 2 people".

Board Game Review and Rules

The theme is Silk Road. It is a story heading to Beijing with various human resources in the caravan.

The winner is the one who reaches 25 points.

Players earn victory points primarily with contract cards.

Board Game Review and Rules

Acquire resources such as spices, llamas, and gold by the action of character cards, and pay the resources to get contract cards. Character card actions are also required to obtain contract cards.

Board Game Review and Rules

Resources are on personal boards,

Board Game Review and Rules
Board Game Review and Rules

Some character cards have victory points.

The number on the upper right is the victory point.
This character has 1 point.

Board Game Review and Rules

Unique point

The basic system that uses three rows of cards is the same as the "two-player Andor", but it's completely different.

It is this card that makes a big difference. Patriarch.

Board Game Review and Rules

Only this card is double-sided. The front is the male patriarch and the back is the female patriarch.

There is one patriarch in every row, but each time this card comes, the caravan will have more characters.

When used, the male patriarch turns over to the back female patriarch and moves to the end of the caravan.

When the female patriarch is used, turn over to the male patriarch …
In this way, they take turns increasing their peers.

The male patriarch draws two cards from the deck and forcibly adds the one you like to the card line. A card that is not selected is discarded.

The female patriarch forcibly adds one of the cards in the discard pile to the card line.

Board Game Review and Rules

"You look hard, come with me." "Are you interested in caravans?"

Since this patriarch couple is a caring couple who can't help but invite people, more and more people will be recruited to the card line that has begun to turn around nicely.

As the number of people increases, the arrival of excellent human resources cards with strong effects will be delayed.

Board Game Review and Rules

Unstoppable new member joining loop

Due to the effect of this patriarch couple, it is a completely different playing from the "two-person Andor" that calculates the future situation.

There is a certain amount of choice, but it is not a game where you make a detailed plan from the beginning and execute it because the number of unexpected friends will increase forcibly.

Rather, what is needed is "ad lib".
How do you create synergies with the three caravans, including randomly added characters?
It is unique that you have to modify your plans flexibly and aim for your goals while your situation is constantly changing.

Board Game Review and Rules

Stop this line … let it flow … and then the patriarch will bring in new friends …

By the way, some characters remove the card and shorten the caravan.


Board Game Review and Rules

He fires unwanted companions.

Board Game Review and Rules

However, he is an advanced character and cannot be made friends with the actions of a normal patriarch.
Since there are only two cards in the deck of advanced characters, it is difficult to obtain him intentionally.

If you get it early, you are lucky.

With him, it turns into a different game of "how to make an efficient and beautiful caravan". It is also interesting.

Board Game Review and Rules

Even the patriarch can be fired, so you can create a complete caravan.

Among the general characters, there are some of his backward compatible characters who can remove the card.

Board Game Review and Rules

He can remove the character only in the caravan where he is.

Board Game Review and Rules

She can remove one of the only patriarchs.

With these cards, it is possible to shorten the caravan to some extent.

However, our way of enjoying this game is flexible ad lib.

Also, I am concerned about the handling of such cards.


Board Game Review and Rules

If you use this card, it will leave the caravan, despite the sloppy effect. But just having this card gives you 3 victory points. (If you use the action in red, the card will leave the caravan)

Should I keep him in the caravan?
Or is it better to let him go early?

If I keep him, I have to give up my turn to send him back when he comes to the front.
(Characters other than the patriarch can move behind the line with a pass without any action)
It's a waste of one turn.

At first, I removed it immediately, but after I realized that the three points in this game were unexpectedly large, I have made to think about it.

Board Game Review and Rules

We get into fights when we play games that are too non-random, so games with a luck factor like Kashgar have a high repeat rate.

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