Memory Board Game Review and Rules “Memo Dice(AMIGO)” That Makes You Realize “You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish”

Memory Board Game Review and Rules Memory Board Game Review and Rules

This is a memory game. The part of the brain used in this game is a little different from other memory games.

Memo dice




On your turn, roll the dice with various patterns.

Memo dice


After checking , hide it with the cup of the color of the pattern that came out.

Memo dice


The next player rolls the dice and hides it with a cup in the same way.

Memo dice


Memo dice


There are only 3 cups for each color.

Memo dice


When the fourth die of that color comes out, hide it with a yellow cup and the answer phase begins.

Memo dice


The player using the yellow cup starts answering.


In other words

・ It is not decided how many cups will be lined up each time.
・ No one knows who to start.


Answer as much as you can remember the picture of the dice from the first cup.

Memo dice


If you answer correctly, you will get a cup. (1 point except for the yellow cup. 2 points for the yellow cup.)

Memo dice


Memo dice




If the answer is incorrect, the next player gets a cup.

Memo dice


The next player will answer from the next cup. It continues until the yellow cup is opened.



It's interesting that I don't know which cup I will answer because I don't know how many cups the previous player can answer.

So I have to remember it as extensively as possible.

It is difficult to take a strategy of concentrating on a part and memorizing it.



2 points if you can answer the yellow cup. Of course, when you make a mistake in the yellow cup, the next player will get 2 points.

Memo dice


Memo dice

repeat this until someone exceeds 20 points.



Final thoughts

The using part of the brain is clearly different from other memory games.

If classic memory games like "Sagaland", "Chicken Cha Cha Cha" , "Ravensburger's memory", "Magic Labyrinth", "Déjà Vu",etc. are typical training machines like this,

Memo dice



"Memo dice" is this.

Memo dice

Machine to train armpit muscles



I feel like I'm using the muscles of my brain that I don't normally use.



What's the difference?

After all, the classic memory game is like remembering a huge picture from the beginning to the end of the game.

Memo dice

But in "Memo dice", the answers change one after another in a short span. Whether you remember or not, you always have one chance. The rotation is fast.


It is a big difference from other memory games that repeating memorizing the answers that change one after another with one chance and trying to memorize one constant answer from the beginning to the end of the game by repeating mistakes several times. 



The pattern is hard to remember.
Some pictures, such as "blue elephant" and "black moon," match the colors relatively.
There are also pictures that do not match, such as "blue apple" and "blue ladybug". The player is confused.

Memo dice



It is interesting to memorize these 5-9 symbols over and over again, using different parts of the brain.



I remember 4-5, but often the one in the middle is missing from my memory. I suddenly miss one.

Memo dice

According to a Microsoft survey, "modern people who depend on internet surfing can concentrate in 8 seconds”"You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish”.

When playing this game, there is certainly a situation where "only one is missing".
So, I feel as if can concentrate for only 8 seconds? might be true.



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Memory Board Game Review and Rules





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