Light Mahjong-Like Card Game “My Rummy 111” Board Game Review, Rules and Differences from “Rack-O” and “Lucky number”

Light Mahjong-Like Card Game Light Mahjong-Like Card Game

Card game. 12 cards in your hand.
Do not change the order in which they are distributed.
The winner is the person who arranges the cards in ascending order.


The rules are very simple.
You win if you sort the 12 cards (2-111) in ascending order from left to right.


There are three face-down cards on the table.
You must choose one of them and put it somewhere in your hand.


Then you return either of the cards on either side of the inserted card to the table.
If it's on the edge, the card on the other edge is OK.


It's OK to put the face-up card returned by another player into your hand.


Only when all three cards are open, you can discard the three cards on the table and put out three new face down cards.


You count points in this game.
Score as many as the number of clowns on the card when the game is over. The number of clowns on one card is 1-4.


Some hands can aim for a high score, while others are cheap.
The player who finishes gets 5 bonus points.

When someone is done, count the clowns on the longest ascending part of each hand. Even if someone finishes, you can still get some points.

If someone scores 60 points, the player wins.

Final thoughts

This is pretty interesting.
For me, mahjong has the most similar feeling of playing.

・ It is the same as Mahjong that there is a hand at the start that is easy to win.


・ You can aim for a cheap hand with an emphasis on speed, or you can aim for a heavy hand aiming for a high score.


・ I feel like I'm always thrilled whether someone can finish it.


Of course, it's not a set collection, you can't control the discarding cards, and you can't predict the card your opponent wants.

But the above three points are similar, so I feel like I am playing light mahjong.

By arranging the numbers, it is similar to "Lucky number"-and "Rack-O",

It is deeper than "Rack-O" in that there is a difference in the score for each card.

You won't get tired of it more than "Lucky Number" in that you have a variety of finished hands.


While the "lucky number" converges in a similar way each time, but in "MyRummy 111", you can aim at a minimum of 70, etc.

Sometimes you have to take a narrow path to aim for a reversal. It's interesting to be able to steer yourself on that thorny path.

The rules are simple and up to 5 people can play.

At the end of the game party, the remaining three members started playing with the remaining 30 minutes, but it was exciting. It was memorable.

I also like "Qwixx" and "The Game". This author's game fits me very well.

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