Even For 2 Players Fun “Orléans” Medieval-Themed Bag Building Board Game Review and Rules, Two Main Strategies

Even For 2 Players Fun Even For 2 Players Fun

Each player has their own black bag. From this bag, every round, players draw worker tiles and place them on own board. By doing so, players will take action and earn points.

The re-play rate at my home is quite high.

Even For 2 Players Fun


There are 7 types of tiles.

Even For 2 Players Fun

Place the drawn tiles on your board.

Even For 2 Players Fun

The actions you can take are like these.

Even For 2 Players Fun

Moving your Merchant token on the map of the main board, you can build a house where your token is and pick up items along the way. They will be points.

Even For 2 Players Fun

The person with the most victory points wins in the 16th round.
The victory point is 1 point for 1 gold as it is.
The items you picked up are also points.

The easiest way to get the points is
VP by multiplying Number of houses and score of the Development Track.

Even For 2 Players Fun

The Development Track is at the bottom of the mainboard.
You can proceed with action, or proceed with the bonus of taking Scholar.

Not only the house you built, but also the number of citizen tokens is multiplied by the Development Track.
Citizen tokens are what can be obtained on a first-come, first-served basis in various places.

For example,
you can get it when you get 5 Knights earlier than anyone, or when you take the Development Track 3 steps earlier than anyone else.

16 rounds are pretty quick.
At the beginning, only 4 tiles can be drawn, so only 1 action can be done.
And even in the second half, when drawing tiles, your tiles sometimes are terrible, so you can not take any action, 16 rounds are not so long.

We mainly play this with two people.
In the first half, we organized the system in the bag,
In the second half, we build a house every round.
We often play like this.

You have to think about the composition of the tiles in the bag that suits your strategy.
It's like a deck building.

In the deck building of cards, used cards and acquired cards are placed in the discard pile, and there is a time lag before they can be used next time.

In "Orléans", used tiles and acquired tiles are immediately returned to the bag.
In other words, the tiles you used may come out immediately, or the Monks you have earned may not come out at all. Depending on your luck.
(Monk can be used in place of any of the other Character Tiles. )
That part feels different from the deck building of cards.

What happens often

The tiles to be drawn are suddenly biased.

Even For 2 Players Fun

I am having an accident! I can't do anything!

The dilemma you feel when increasing worker tiles.

When you take a worker tile, you will get a bonus too.

Farmer → Agricultural products (normal)
Craftman → You can put one Perpetual Motion Technology on your board (slightly strong)
Trader → Get a building card = Get an action that only you can use (strong)
Boatman → Money (weak!)
Knight → The number of tiles you can draw increases (strong)
Scholar → the Development Track advances (strong)
Monk No bonus, so it's convenient but difficult to take Monk …

When you want any bonus, you don't need its worker.
When you want any worker, you want another bonus.

That dilemma often happens. This is annoying.

Even For 2 Players Fun

I can't draw the Monk that should be in the bag at all.

Monk which I put in a bag even though I didn't get a bonus doesn't come out at all.

However, it appears in the occasional "plague" (a devil event which workers are randomly removed from the bag). Murphy's law.

Even For 2 Players Fun

You Come Now!!Why!

Final thoughts

As I wrote, if you prioritize the bonuses that are strategically necessary, the number of unnecessary workers will increase in the bag. Then I couldn't draw the tiles as planned … It's painful but interesting.

It feels like impurities are mixed in the bag.

Even For 2 Players Fun

Should I try to use the impurities by increasing new actions, or

should I throw them away to get scoring chance by action in the Town Hall?

There are various ways to deal with them.

It is interesting to plan what to do in each games.

The usual strategy is to get one of the following buildings by Trader's action. The buildings that make Boatman and Scholar like Monk.

Take a lot of Scholar and raise the Development Track. Then get a school and turn Scholar into a Monk. This is strong after all.

I'm tired of this, so I'm looking for a new strategy.

Even For 2 Players Fun

I wanted to try a different pattern, so I traveled from the beginning and tried to collect high-scoring products, but I got a point difference of about 1.5 times lol

It's a game that makes you want to try various things.

It can be a hassle, but it's a good idea to have something like a screen that completely hides what actions other players are trying to do.

It's more interesting to ban "I'll change!"

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