Coin Throwing Board Game Review, Rules ” Safranito ” a Collection of Techniques

Coin Throwing Board Game Review, Rules Coin Throwing Board Game Review, Rules

As a merchant, bid off spices in the market.
You have to throw more coins to buy the spices you want than other players.
It may be pushed out by the opponent's coin.
It's a great game with a good mix of action and bidding.


Throw coins into the board to buy spices.


You can't get the purchase right unless you put a higher amount on the plate than your opponent.


Get the spice card (bottom) and collect 3 recipe cards (top) to win.


The value of a coin ranges from 10 to 60, but since it is thrown face down, you need to anticipate the number of your opponent.


There is a rule that you must not put your body above the board when throwing.


Technique collection

I will introduce you from basic techniques to super difficult techniques.

① Bound shot

difficulty level ★ ☆☆☆☆


This is a basic shot.
Throw a coin into the board with a snap of your middle and index fingers.

When aiming at the three zones on the opposite side, you can use the wall to apply the brakes, so it's an easy shot.

If you can't successfully put a coin in the opposite plate on a bound shot, you won't win in "Safranito".

Get enough accuracy to slip behind your opponent's coins.

② Drop shot

difficulty level ★★ ☆☆☆


Drop a coin in a small arc orbit with the image of flipping a coin directly above with your middle finger, index finger, or thumb or index finger.

If you throw it in with a snap on your wrist, it's too strong for the front plate, so drop shot is effective for the front plate!

Once you become proficient in this, you can get as much spice in front of you as you like.

You can get a lot of money by throwing a lot of coins into the spice plate that you got cheaply by kicking out the opponent.

Money is essential to victory. Let's learn early!

③ Middle shot

difficulty level ★★★ ☆☆


This is a shot used when aiming at the plate in the middle of the board.

It's the same as a bound shot thrown with a snap of the middle finger and index finger, but the difficulty is much higher because there is no brake by the wall.

Adjusting force is the key to success.

Especially the central zone where you can't use any bounds is difficult.

If you can make this shot accurately, your winning percentage will increase dramatically!

④ Side shot

difficulty level ★★★★ ☆

There are situations that cannot be solved by snapping the wrist from the inside to the outside of the body!


If the orbit is from left to right, the opponent's coins will be pushed into the wall and cannot be expelled.


In such a case, the force in the opposite direction (from the outside to the inside of the body) is required.

It's not enough to snap just the wrist, so use your arm to throw just like a playing ducks and drakes

It is very difficult to control because the strength of the arm is added.

You will be impressed if this shot succeeds in the scene where you decide the game, such as when you block the opponent's victory!

⑤ Slope shot

difficulty level ★★★★★★★

There is a "block" in the technique of "Safranito".

It's very difficult to put your coins in the opposite plates when your opponent puts coins near the center.


The normal throwing route is blocked by the opponent's coins. If you land a coin beyond the blocking coins, the momentum will be too strong and your coin will go out.

This super-difficult shot is a shot that rolls a coin on your arm like a slide. Then, let it pass between the opponent's blocking coins and aim at the plate on the other side.


It is required to adjust the inclination to stop rolling at the target and to pass it accurately between the blocking coins.

It should be possible in theory!
All you have to do is only practice!

So let's learn various techniques and enjoy "Safranito" more and more.

Final thoughts

A very interesting game with a good fusion of action and thought elements.

It's fun and difficult to throw coins into a slippery board.

Easy shots fail due to pressure. Exquisite difficulty.

In addition, some action games have a vague judge, but "Safranito" has so clear judgement. There is a hole in the middle of the coin, and if you can see the plate, the coin is judged as it is on the plate.

When collecting spices, what is the aim of the opponents and how much coins have they put in? There are many things to think about. It's also interesting that you can't carry out the strategy you've come up with because of difficult actions.


When I was a kid, I played with throwing stones and hitting cans on the riverbank. "Safranito" is a game that makes the play more complicated.

You have should played throwing stones for a long time without getting bored. Of course, "Safranito" is also interesting.

When you make a terrific shot, it will be exciting.

This is one of my favorite games.

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