For Adults also Good ! Alex Randolph’s Memory Board Game “Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)” Review, Rules and How to bluff

For Adults also Good ! Alex Randolph's Memory Board Game For Adults also Good ! Alex Randolph's Memory Board Game

Players head to the castle to answer the King's question.

This is a game with nice components.
A memory game with a fantasy atmosphere.
Along the way, remember the locations of the scattered illustrations and answer the questions at the castle.
It is attractive not only to remember, but also to have some tactics.


This is the board.
The player rolls two dice to proceed.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

Plastic tree. There is an illustration on the bottom.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

You can check it when you stop in the blue space.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

Move your figure, check the pictures, and remember as much as you can.

This card is the King's question. The question is, "Which tree has this illustration?"

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

This means "crown".

Go to the castle, stop at the space where the key is drawn, specify the tree and check it. If it matches the card, get the card. If you fail, you will be forced to move to the village.
The player who gets 4 cards wins.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

The glowing ball is … here!

I can't remember everything at all!

When I stuff my brain with more information than my capacity, I get confused about which one.
Therefore, I only check about 4 to 5 by myself.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

Actually, it's OK even if the tree you remember is about 4-5.

Because, when getting doublet on the dice, you can use magic.

① Warp near the castle
② Shuffle the question
③ You can check your favorite tree

You wander around the castle and wait for appearance of illustrations that you remember. That is also a good strategy.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

And if you haven't found the answer tree, but someone else starts heading to the castle, that means that any of the trees he's ever seen is the answer.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

A new question card was opened, and only green began to move suspiciously …

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

Isn't he starting to head to the castle?
I see HAHAHA... That means …

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

I haven't actually seen it, but I narrowed down which tree the illustration is under!
It was a good idea to wander around the castle!
I haven't confirmed it, but I'll answer before him!
That is also a strategy.

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

This kind of stealing is fun!

Then, I look at the tree...

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

what? You did it!

If a player make a mistake in the answer, he will be forced to warp the village.

It's fun to bluff by how you move your figure like this.

Does he really know? or
Is he pretending to know? or
Is he just jumping the gun?

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

I can finally identify it!
It's this tree that no one has seen yet that has glass shoes!


Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

That means …

Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)
Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)
Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)
Sagaland (Enchanted Forest)

Final thoughts

Your memory is important, and the predictions of trees seen by other players are also important.

Even if you go to the castle to answer a question you know, other players will change that question along the way.

Such interaction between players creates variations in play. I think it's a masterpiece that doesn't fit in the frame of a mere memory game.

It's a good game that adults can enjoy more than it looks.

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