Friedemann Friese’s Trick-taking Card Game “Five Cucumbers (Fünf Gurken) “Board Game Review, Rules and a Strategy

Friedemann Friese's Trick-taking Card Game Friedemann Friese's Trick-taking Card Game

30 minutes, 2-6 people. A trick-taking game arranged by Friedemann Friese.

Five Cucumbers


This is a card game.

Five Cucumbers

The numbers on the card are 1 to 15.
You have 7 cards in your hand.

Play cards one by one clockwise from the start player.

You must play a card with a number greater than the previous number.

If you can't or don't want to play, you have to play the smallest card you have. (Lower numbered cards are very important at the end.)

One round is over when everyone plays one.

The person who played the highest number is the next start player.

Do this for 7 rounds.

The final 7th round is the most important.

The person who played the highest number here loses.

The loser gets as many cucumber tokens as the number of cucumbers on all cards played in the final round.

Five Cucumbers
Friedemann Friese's Trick-taking Card Game

Players who receive 6 or more cucumber tokens will drop out.

You can decide up to the last person, or you can decide who dropped out first and finish the game.

Final thoughts

The rules themselves are simple, but it's hard to tell how to win.

This is also a game with "hidden parameters" that Friedemann Friese is good at making.

As I said in the article of “Famiglia”,

Friedemann Friese has a sense of making games that are hard to grasp what is the correct answer and how to increase the probability of winning.

I can't figure out what the correct answer is during the game.

But interesting!

Luck is important to win, so you can easily play it with beginners.

It's fun to learn how to increase the hidden parameters little by little.

For the time being, I'll tell you tips I've found so far.

At the sixth round, one before the final round,

Let's play a high card such as 15 that you have kept until then.

The faces of many players will turn pale like cucumbers.

Five Cucumbers

"Sudden 15 in the 6th round"

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