Board Game “Viticulture Essential Edition “Rules and Review and 2 Strategies ;Even 2 Players Fun

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Create a field, harvest grapes, brew and ship …
It is a worker placement where you can fully enjoy the feeling of winery management.
I like this game very much.
I often invite Thai Taro (my husband) to play.

~ VITIC ULTURE series ~

Viticulture: Tuscany Essential Edition
Viticulture: Visit from The Rhine Valley Expansion


This is the player's board ↓


This is the main board ↓


One year is one round. It is divided into phases.

The spring phase is the first phase to decide the order of the round.
Autumn is the phase of drawing a visitor card.

Players get a vine card in the summer, build the building needed to plant the vines, plant it on their board, harvest it in the winter, brew it in wine, get an order card and ship it! It is a flow.

If there is a player who exceeds 20 points, the round ends.

Favorite point

I have a lot of things I like.

The artwork is very beautiful.
It is a worker placement where the theme and system are perfect and it is easy to understand what to do.

It is also good that there is a written explanation of the action on the board.


You don't have to refer to the manual every time, and it's easy to play even for those who are just starting board games.

Actually, it was here that I decided to purchase. Parent system.


The number of resources, facilities, and workers at the start is determined by the combination of the two cards.

It's a story of inheriting a small winery, so the inheritance changes depending on your parents.

I was impressed and bought it because there weren't many games that had a story in the first resource. The faces and names are all different.


Final Thoughts

As is often said, visitor cards are powerful.

There are cards that allow you to perform normal actions twice, cards that allow you to perform actions with enhanced effects, and cards that allow you to get victory points and money at once, and there is the possibility of a reversal at any time.

However, after playing it several times, I recently thought that it was not just a game of card luck, but also a game with strategic fun.

"Harvested grapes and brewed wines mature every round. (Increases value)."


When you leave it for one round, it will mature and its value will increase.


At first, you will notice this peculiarity of the winery.

It's efficient if the value increases just by leaving it without using action.

That's why everyone wants to harvest grapes and brew wine as soon as possible in one round.

In addition, shipping brewed wine will increase the reputation of the winery itself. Money will automatically come in at the end of the round.

Players want to harvest the first grape as soon as possible to be affected by aging.

Players want to ship the first bottle of wine as soon as possible for the income that comes in automatically.

In the early rounds, the player can only do 3 actions in one round with 3 workers, so if you build a building → plant → harvest, you can't do anything else.

But, I still aim for early harvest and shipping.
I want to harvest the grapes by the second round if possible. Harvest is the highest priority!

At first I thought so.
However, after doing it several times, I noticed that grapes and wine with increased value are often wasted at the end of the game.
Sometimes I can't get the appropriate order card and give up the wine below its value.


I wish I could draw such a high order.


After all, I pay high-value wine for such a cheap order …



If so, even if the first wine harvest is 3-4 rounds and the wine shipment is 4-5 rounds,

first I should slowly set up a winery system, such as building farm horses (which can be harvested twice during the round) and increasing the number of workers..

Now there are some cases that a player who took the latter strategy had no income and no points in the early stages, but he gradually overtook in the second half.

Of course, it is case by case which strategy is better depending on the difference in initial resources and the drawing of various cards.

It's a small winery, but I want to mature the wine and deliver the best possible wine! Instead, it is tough if there are no orders from understanding customers. .. ..


Let's convert fields into money or send employees to a tourist part-time job to collect and invest capital.
It will take some time. But when the system is completed, you can get stable profits!


I am delusional of such 2 stories.

We mainly play with two people, so if we play with multiple people, there should be more strategies.

A worker placement game that can be played by 6 people is rare.

~ VITIC ULTURE series ~

Viticulture: Tuscany Essential Edition
Viticulture: Visit from The Rhine Valley Expansion

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